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Song Titled ‘Sticks & Stones’ Released Amid Wife’s Cancer Battle

Inspiration Worship - Whose - CD Cover

June 28, 2016 (Springdale, Ark.) – Husband and wife duo Inspiration Worship, whose artist name was inspired by the wife’s cancer diagnosis, announces today’s release of “Sticks & Stones” from the group’s five-song EP titled “Whose.” The uptempo song is going for adds at Christian INSPO/Soft AC, Christian AC, and Christian CHR/Hot AC Christian-formatted radio stations.

“’Sticks & Stones’ is based on James 1:12, which says ‘blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.’ Our hope,” says Linda Doane, who co-wrote the song with her husband, Tom, “is people understand that God has already won the war and we are fully equipped for every battle.”

In December 2011, Linda Doane went to the doctor because she was having difficulty breathing. After six weeks of numerous tests, including seven lung taps, she was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and began chemotherapy.

“After that experience,” Doane said, “we understand that every breath truly is a gift. So ‘inspiration,’ which means a single inhale, is the breath of God giving us life and ‘worship’ is our exhale of gratitude back to Him.”

Three years after her first diagnosis and treatment, Doane was re-diagnosed with cancer and has endured additional chemotherapy.

“Our desire to share the Good News was impossible to ignore,” she said, referring to the making of the EP. “We pray these songs move you as they have moved us.”

The Doanes, who wrote all of the songs on “Whose,” co-produced the EP with Clement Ducasse.

A lyric video for “Sticks & Stones” is available, as well as a YouTube channelfeaturing all of the EP’s songs.

For more information about Inspiration Worship, visit or like on Facebook and Twitter. The EP is available for purchase at iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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Missionary Tribute Song Titled “Wildfire” Going for Adds at Christian Radio

HCR 8X10 Color

June 23, 2016 (Springdale, Ark.) – Dothan, Alabama-based rock band Hollis Creek Revival is set to release the first single from its upcoming CD, “In The River.” “Wildfire,” an uptempo banjo-tinged song that pays tribute to missionaries, went for adds this week at Christian INSPO/Soft AC and Christian AC-formatted ratio stations. “In The River,” due out July 1, currently is available for pre-order at the band’s website.

“The song ‘Wildfire’ was written from the perspective of our friends who are or who have been missionaries overseas,” said Brandon Kelley, the band’s frontman and multi-instrumentalist. “Leaving home and everything you know, to do what you have been called to do is very difficult. You find yourself in a place that is unfamiliar and scary. But you carry with you hope, or this spark, and when you light this fire it will spread. The gospel will spread throughout the world.”

“Wildfire” is one of ten songs on “In The River.” A video for the debut single, available on YouTube, features the names of the band members’ friends who are missionaries.

Hollis Creek Revival was formed in November 2014 by Kelley and Brad Jerkins. The trio currently consists of Kelley, Clint Singleton (bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar) and Jacob Patillo (banjo, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar), though Jerkins often plays live shows and in the studio. Kelley named the band for his grandfather, Hollis Kelley.

“I wanted to honor my grandfather when starting this project,” Kelley said. “In a way, it was about recognizing my heritage and the legacy of my grandfather and my father.”

For more information about Hollis Creek Revival, visit, like on Facebook and Twitter, follow on Instagram and subscribe to the Hollis Creek Revival YouTube channel.

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Missouri Duo’s Single, ‘Sons of God,’ Goes for Adds Today at Christian Radio

S&A Press 1

June 22, 2016 (Springdale, Ark.) – Sackcloth & Ashes, a Missouri-based Christian pop/rock band formerly known as All Together United, announces today’s release of its debut single, titled “Sons of God.” The high energy single goes for adds at Christian CHR and Christian rock-formatted radio stations.

The duo features lead vocalist Bobby Burns and Chad Hampton, drummer and band manager, who is legally blind due to an accident while he was serving in the Army.

“We formed Sackcloth & Ashes because we wanted a ministry-minded, driven band that focuses on the people that God puts in our path,” Hampton said. “Our goal is for people to feel alive and free when they see us live or listen to our music.”

The band currently is shooting the video for “Sons of God,” which will be available at Sackcloth & Ashes’ website and YouTube.

For more information about Sackcloth & Ashes, visit, like on Facebook and Twitter and check out the duo’s Reverbnation page.

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‘Forever’ Goes For Adds Today to Christian Radio


June 9, 2016 (Springdale, Ark.) – Christian rock band UR1, comprised of veteran musicians Roger Revette, Stephen Abernathy and Jon Von Boehm, announces today’s release of “Forever,” the debut single from the “UR1 White Album.” “Forever” goes for adds today at Christian CHR and Rock-formatted Christian radio stations.

“UR1’s purpose is to call people to Jesus Christ as we share the message through our music of God’s grace that is available to everyone,” said Revette, the band’s lead singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. “Our prayer for this new single – and all of our music — is that it will touch the heart of the listener and move him or her closer to the Lord.”

UR1, which takes its name from Galatians 3:28 (“for you are all one in Christ Jesus”), has toured extensively throughout the United States, playing to audiences of all sizes from church services to youth conferences to conventions.

In addition to Revette on lead vocals and guitar, Abernathy plays percussion and Boehm plays bass.

To learn more about UR1, visit the band’s website and like on Facebook. You can book UR1 by going to

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p: 615-530-3654


Worship Team’s ‘Blazing Light’ Goes For Adds at Christian Radio

C3 Music-Promo

June 8, 2016 (Springdale, Ark.) – C3 Music, the worship team based in the creative community of C3 Church in Sydney, Australia, is set to release a new single today. “Blazing Light,” from the CD titled “Abide,” goes for adds to AC/CHR Christian-formatted radio stations.

Ryan Gilpin and Jordi White wrote the song, which was produced by White and Nik Karlin on the C3 Music Publishing label.

C3 Music is a team of more than 200 musicians and singers who are responsible for leading worship in 20 services a week all across Sydney. Since its formation in the early 1980s, C3 Church has been at the forefront of Christian music in Australia. To-date, C3 Music has produced more than 40 albums of contemporary worship music.

Members of C3 Music have traveled throughout Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. In addition to performing, leading worship, writing and producing music and ministering throughout the world, the musicians teach worship at C3 College.

For more information about C3 Music, visit and like on FacebookTwitter and follow on Instagram. Listen to songs by C3 Music on YouTube.

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